Learn Step-by-Step How to Get Verified on Instagram

Given the scenarios of scams and fake profiles on the internet, finding out how to get verified on Instagram is increasingly necessary, as it avoids scams on this social network. The strategy guarantees a seal that certifies your account.

Let’s reveal one of the internet’s secrets: how to get verified on Instagram. The coveted blue badge is the platform’s way of telling followers that the account they interact with is that of the company, celebrity, public figure or a relevant institution.

The measure was necessary to combat fake profiles, account theft and other issues that the social network is working to adjust. Want to know how to get verified on Instagram finally? So, check out the step-by-step we prepared for you:

What does it mean to be verified on Instagram?

Being verified on Instagram means that the person or institution behind the profile on the social network is really who they say they are. Thus, the blue seal is a certificate of authenticity and relevance for a person or brand.

But if you think being relevant means having hundreds of thousands of followers, that’s a mistake. This social network checks, for example, journalists and activists for social causes, even if they have yet to become so popular.

For organizations from the most diverse sectors, verifying means guaranteeing that the brand manages that profile. This way, consumers and other stakeholders can ensure they interact and communicate with the proper organization or person.

Given the scenarios of scams and fake profiles on the internet, having the Instagram verification seal is increasingly necessary, as it prevents fraud on this social network. The logic is the same for digital content producers, so-called influencers, and other personalities in the artistic world. In other words, the seal guarantees that the person is themselves — or their team.

Therefore, it is possible to understand that the verification seal is a way for whoever is behind the sign to prove it is theirs. But be careful: Instagram is prominent in stating that the verification badge is not an endorsement of the quality of your content. Furthermore, being verified does not mean that the engagement and reach of your profile and publications will automatically gain. If you’re wondering ‘How to Get Verified on Instagram,’ it’s essential to consider these factors.

Therefore, having the verification seal is not synonymous with more followers or more engagement on this social network. It would help if you rethought your strategies to gain notoriety on this social network.

How do I get verified on Instagram?

How do I get verified on Instagram?

The first step to getting verified on Instagram is to respect the Terms of Use and Community Guidelines. Furthermore, on its official page, Instagram itself lists the prerequisites. Follow along!

Step 1: single account

The account must be unique, meeting the requirements from two aspects. The first is that it must be that person or brand’s only presence on Instagram. Therefore, the second aspect is that only it can be verified unless your company has other profiles in other languages.

Step 2: authenticity behind the sign

The Instagram profile must be represented by a natural person, a registered entity or a company, the latter of which includes, for example, media outlets and notable pets.

Step 3: public account

The account must be public and have a complete bio, followed by a photo and profile information, and have already made at least one post. Therefore, there are no closed padlocks or mysteries about who is behind the sign.

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Step 4: notoriety

Finally, the Instagram profile needs to represent a famous person, brand or entity with a high search rate on the internet. To check this last topic, the tool provides a process carried out by the application. It helps to identify the most searched profiles, although a bit of subjectivity is still involved.

How do I request the Instagram verification badge?

If you want to earn the verification seal for your brand, you must follow the step-by-step instructions below. It also applies to profiles of individuals, as long as they meet the requirements in the previous topic:

  • access Settings;
  • click on the account;
  • select Request Verification;
  • fill in the form to submit.

 The first step of verifying your Instagram account is more straightforward. You must send your name or the brand, followed by a document proving that you are the brand’s owner.

Afterwards, it is necessary to indicate which category this profile belongs to. These categories can be, for example, content creation, news, sports, and fashion, among others. It is also necessary to inform which public follows the sign.

In the last step, you can attach links to social networks and articles from news sites that prove the brand’s or personality’s authenticity.

Instagram does not accept the use of paid or promotional content within IG Stories. Since its last update, the tool has been evaluating the best range of publications considering regional segments, which, according to him, provides the democratization of verification.

What to do if it needs to be verified?

Instagram recently made several changes to the platform to democratize its verification badge. Still, there is no guarantee that everyone who requests the blue badge will be able to be verified.

The verification process on Instagram takes up to 30 days, and if the request is refused, it is possible to make a new request, sending the data again and attaching new links, for example. If you are denied after trying, don’t be discouraged!

It’s important to remember that results are generated from consistently building relationships and generating leads. Furthermore, it is possible to sell through the tool and use its resources to increasingly improve your interaction with your followers, which matters, right?

You can get the profile in question noticed with small actions, which also help with verification. For example, post Reels and stories with behind-the-scenes information about the company and keep relevant information about the business in your bio. Furthermore, it can encourage your followers to interact with the brand, which increases visibility and the chances of closing new deals.

See how getting verified on Instagram is more complex than you thought? By following “RedGIF” to step-by-step guide, the entire process becomes much more straightforward!

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