How to Accessorize Your Beautiful Orange Prom Dresses?

In several colleges and high schools the tradition of a ‘Prom Night’ is and has been followed for generations, now several non-western schools are also implementing such events into their calendar to enhance the student’s experience. The major part of ‘Prom  Night’ is to dress up in the best attire possible, one bold dress choice for the night which is exceedingly trendy and has gained a lot of attention in recent times is Orange prom dresses. Be it traditional gowns or modern lace-cut dresses this vibrant color seems to be the choice for all youngsters.  

Accessories can lift an outfit from amazing to incredible and with new accessory options coming into the market every day, any normal person would want to try all of them at least once. We know that a little prom accessory inspiration would get every girl rumbling through her jewelry collection and browsing online for new accessories trying to find the perfect fit for her. This blog dives into the top accessories you can go for to really compliment your vibrant outfit.

Here are some accessory options top fashion designers suggest:


This accessory brings balance to your look while focusing people’s attention upward, helping you show off more than just your dress but also your prom makeup and hairstyle. Some options for choosing an earring for a prom dress are;

  • Drop earrings
  • Cuffs
  • Studs
  • Hoops

Earring will flash if you keep your hair down but be more on display if you choose an updo hairstyle for prom night. If you plan on dancing through prom night remember that the style you choose won’t get entangled in your hair.

A famous choice right now is the latest collection of Orange Dangle earrings, Orange stage earrings, orange pageant earrings, orange Halloween earrings, and orange rhinestone earrings. These not only match all your orange dresses but make the outfit feel more complete bringing attention to your face and not only the dress you are wearing for the night.


Bracelets make simple additions to your prom look. A bracelet not only brings visual interest to your outfit but also brings balance to the entire outfit. Some simple additions wearing bracelets brings to your prom look are:

  • A bracelet while bringing the entire look balance also adds visual interest to your outfit.
  • You can swap a corsage out for a bracelet after the photoshoot.
  • It would be wise to choose a bracelet that complements the orange attire keeping the whole outfit fun yet formal.


You can choose to wear either multiple rings on different fingers or choose to wear them on a single finger. You could go for a simple not overly detailed ring or with a set of midi rings that lay below the nails and bring out the manicured nails. All of these give their own unique statement on prom night.

Make sure that the ring you wear is a closer match to the bracelet than the other accessories as these are closer together, people will notice a mismatch quickly.


Bringing a mini bag can make your night way easier, as it can hold a few bits and bobs of makeup and bobby pins to set your hair while also keeping your phone and tickets to the prom. Even though gold and silver work well as neutrals with any formal outfit, you should pick one that complements the color tone of the orange dress costume or something that goes with the other accessories you have put on.


If the dress you are choosing covers your feet then you should go for something comfortable like sneakers that are durable and easy to move in however for a dress that doesn’t cover the feet you can go for something like

  • Wedges
  • Pumps
  • Ankle strap heels
  • Strappy sandals
  • Stiletto heels
  • Ballerina flats

For the dancers out there remember, trying a block heel will not only make it easier to walk and dance in but also comfortable throughout the night and as a bonus, they come in multiple colors and designs that will for sure complement any orange dress in your wardrobe.


With so many options now presented to you, what should you choose? The current trendy ideas that are sure to work on all orange prom dresses are;

  • A clutch with pleated material and rhinestone color tone
  • A collection of gold or silver midi rings
  • A crystal collar bracelet, this design also works for  a bracelet
  • A light necklace that is designed with small stars
  • Hair accessories like clutches that feature faux pearls

If you want to pick any of the following as your accessory or maybe pick a collection of them to wear together make sure to visit ‘HELLO MOLLY’ as they will satisfy your need for up-to-trend designs and accessories for prom outfits and much more.

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