JIRA vs. ServiceNow: Features, Pricing, and Comparison

In recent times, we see that the ticketing systems have gained significance because it is becoming easier to resolve queries, incidents and service requests. Most of the organizations maintain a ticketing system to get rid of multiple email chains and notes. Among all the available ticketing solutions, ServiceNow and JIRA are equally leading with multiple features and benefits helping to enhance the experiences better. ServiceNow training will allow you to gain a better idea on the features and solutions it provides to the users and organization. In this blog, we will discuss the differences between ServiceNow and JIRA in terms of pricing features, and other comparison criteria. Let’s get started!


ServiceNow is one of the popular technologies, A cloud SAAS platform offering with its primary focus on the ITIL based service management related applications. This offering is referred to as the Salesforce.com of IT because of the multiple third-party developed solutions in the salesforce platform. With the ServiceNow offering, all kinds of team activities can be managed like IT, legal, HR, etc – a suite of applications. The primary goal of this platform is to provide a central ecosystem for all kinds of systems in an organization. It is one of the platforms that is integrating with the other solutions like JIRA, BMC, Salesforce,etc.To be an expert in the servicenow, taking the ServiceNow Training is an added advantage.


The JIRA tool is designed prior to extending its competition with Mozilla’s bug tracking tool named BugZilla. The JIRA platform is an issue tracking system that is providing its extensive support to the Agile teams  for the development and release of the softwares. Service desk is built to provide support for the customer service and IT support operations.

In simple terms, ServiceNow is purely dependent on the number of requests raised which does not require the same group of people to handle the issues. Whereas in the JIRA platform, the service desk is responsible for handling all the requests. ServiceNow is a cloud based where JIRA is an on premise platform. JIRA does not require any sort of platform to work on as it is built on the JIRA platform whereas ServiceNow is not built on the JIRA platform.

Differences between ServiceNow and JIRA:

Ease of use

The web interface of JIRA is very easy to understand and learn things. All the customers will feel better with the admin console that has been created. Whereas the ServiceNow front end is highly used and is less accessible to the users or smaller organizations.

When compared among JIRA and ServiceNow ServiceNow is rated 3/y 5 JIRA service desk is rated as 4/5

Capability set:

Both ServiceNow and JIRA are competitive with each other and help in the management of the IT helpdesk. JIRA is a platform that is built on top of Atlassian JIRA and is so flexible to work well within an ecosystem of the Atlassian products. ServiceNow platform is defined with focus on integrations, providing multiple capability to work with the other tools too.

When we discuss the ratings regarding the capability set, ServiceNow is rated as 4 / 5 while JIRA service desk is rated as 3/5.

Pricing and support:

A system that will keep on monitoring will not be capable of troubleshooting a configuration error whereas a configuration script will be capable of troubleshooting.

The pricing of JIRA service desk is manageable by most of the organizations which are budget conscious. The pricing for JIRA service desk will cost around $10 per month and is accessible for three agents, or $20 per month or agent or for 4 + agents. There are also on-premise versions that are available and will be priced based on each agent.

When compared with the JIRA service desk, ServiceNow cost around $10200 per annum for the express version.Become a Servicenow Certified professional by learning this Servicenow Training In Hyderabad !


Attlasian  also offers premium and standard support options which are available on the basis of weekday or weekend coverage along with dedicated staff, short response Windows, in 24/7 phone support for the customers.

Among JIRA service desk and ServiceNow, JIRA service desk is rated high when compared to ServiceNow.

Release rate:

The current version of JIRA service desk ise version 3.2- which has a complete release notes on the documentation website. Both the platforms and service desk have been getting updated regularly for the past few years. ServiceNow has also been going through the regular monthly updates in the Helsinki release. The complete information about the release notes and history is available in the ServiceNow Wiki.

Both of them are rated equally with respect to the release rate -4/5.

Community support:

JIRA is now offering a wide range of resources to the users and the developers present in the community, it also includes a developer portal with the question and answer website. ServiceNow platform is also providing its users with the different community resources such as Wiki and community portal.

Both the platforms are created equally with 4/5 for the support in the communities.

Third party integrations:

ServiceNow has multiple integrations which include custom-built through its website. Jirra third party integrations is capable of covering around 2400 add-ons to provide extensive support through the multiple capabilities provided in the platform.

Extensibility and API:

JIRA platform is now offering a powerful rest application programming interface which helps in building the addons and helps in developing the integrations with their rest of the applications. ServiceNow offering is also providing it support with well documented application programming interface which helps in interaction with the different platform services.

ServiceNow and JIRA service desk are rated 5 out of 5 for the extensibility and application programming interface features.

Organizations usage:

Most of the organizations- leading enterprises are making use of jeera. Some of them include Spotify, splunk, Twitter,Blackrock, etc. ServiceNow also holds many customers and organizations like envision Healthcare, astrazeneca, equinix, standard life, etc.

When compared among each other, both of the platforms are utilized by most of the organizations equally.

Security rating:

ServiceNow is rated high with an average of 760 whereas Atlassian is rated as 722.

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Learning curve:

The most popular and organizational oriented platform which is focusing on the ideal whereas the JIRA platform is involved in providing access to the IT professionals from the different organizations. When compared with each other, ServiceNow is having high demand and the learning curve is high for this platform.

Most of the organizations are confused on choosing the right tool. It is important to identify the requirements and choose the tool wisely. Both of the platforms are significant and hold their own importance. Cost is one of the important aspects to be considered while selecting the platform for the organization, you need to discuss with the business leaders and also keep the features in mind which will help in the success of the organization.

Now that you have understood the differences between JIRA and ServiceNow, it is your call to make the right choice among the tools that benefit your business based on the requirements. You can give suggestions to your business leadership with the features and the differences for better understanding. Each of the tools will have its own updates which will change dynamically. Hence it is important to keep a track of all the updates, features and the differences between each of the tools to drive better business.

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