10 Safe Ways to Gain Weight Quickly In a Week

Worrying about being underweight doesn’t increase your body weight but mind! Let’s do something to bring about a change. 

Undoubtedly, gaining weight is as hard as losing weight, and sustaining it is even harder. Quickly gaining weight can be risky, yet not impossible. Under the supervision of a dietician and fitness instructor, you can see the best results quickly. Moreover, staying on the safer side in terms of natural and organic foods is highly preferred in safely gaining weight. 

You can gain and sustain your ideal weight by following the best tips for weight gain. So let’s look at the 10 safe ways to gain weight quickly in a week!!

1. Aim for 3000-3500 Calorie per day

Normally, an intake of 2000-2500 calories per day is considered appropriate. Since you aim to gain weight safely in 7 days, you need to increase your per-day calorie intake. It highly depends on your current weight and the target weight you want to achieve. 

For example, if you weigh 48 kg and want to make 55 kg, you must break down the daily calories according to your diet plan. For instance:

Breakfast→700-900 calorie

Lunch→1200-1500 calorie

Snacks→400-600 calorie

Dinner→800-1000 calorie 

2. Take more fats/oil

Taking more fatty acids is effective in quick weight gain. Underweight people who are looking for faster and more sustainable weight gain should do the following:

  •  Eat food cooked in vegetable oil(corn, sunflower, olive or soy)
  • Should eat the fatty cuts of red or white meat 
  • Take butter for breakfast
  • Make combos with dairy products like cheese, cream, and yogurts in the meals.

When taken in diet, saturated fatty acids are most likely to cause weight gain. Moreover, it is important to have a high-fat and high-protein diet to increase weight safely. 

3. Do Regular Exercise 

Besides focusing on eating more, turning your calories into sustainable energy is important. For this purpose, adopt a healthy routine by exercising, such as running, jogging, and doing workouts once or twice a week, to stay active. 

Aiming for quick weight gain does not mean getting bulky and out of shape. Rather, it is about achieving the ideal body weight and shape. So, you need to follow a fitness plan which helps you achieve your fitness goals more effectively. 

4. More Shakes and smoothies

It’s your journey of quickly gaining weight, so let’s make it a feast for your taste buds and health at the same time. Everyone likes shakes and smoothies, and so should you! 

There is no restriction on the type of shake you want. As long as you’re using whole milk to make it, it is perfect for gaining weight. Milkshakes and smoothies are rich in fats and proteins, so go for your favorite one and see the magic! 

5. Increase your protein intake

Protein is highly effective in building mass. To quickly gain weight, you must include calorie and protein-rich food. Moreover, the protein-rich foods are poultry, chicken, eggs, lentils, cheese, yogurt, almonds, quinoa, and beef. Pick your favorite food and eat it the way you like! 

6. Take more energy-dense snacks

Don’t let your diet be filled with empty or hollow calories. To gain safe weight, taking more energy-dense food and snacks is essential. For this reason, consider eating healthy snacks like:  

  • Walnuts
  • Peanuts
  • Dried fruits
  • Granola bars 
  • Crackers 

Make sure what you eat contains healthy fats and proteins that contribute to achieving fitness goals. 

7. Drink milk daily

Milk is the most beneficial yet the most underrated drink among adults. A glass of whole milk contains calcium, protein, fats, and carbohydrates. If you include drinking milking in part of your daily routine, you’ll not only gain weight but also see yourself more energized. 

8. Use bigger plates

It is advised to use bigger plates, as it increases the appetite. Using smaller plates can limit you to eating in smaller portions. So, if you want to gain weight quickly, you better start eating in big plates. To fill it up, you’ll ultimately start eating more!

9. More meals, small portions

Since you want to gain weight, it is highly essential to double up your meals. It is not simply about eating more, but rather eating more than 3 times a day. For this reason, you can divide your daily calories into 4-5 portions, each comprising 500-700 calories.  Eating in smaller amounts helps you digest better or maintain a sustainable weight. So, just don’t stuff everything at one time; rather, keep munching with small breaks in between. 

10. Make small adjustments 

When embarking on your weight gain journey, you need to make small adjustments in your diet. Don’t worry; it’s going to be satisfying for your buds! 

What you are going to do is something delicious, so don’t hesitate to use the add-ons. For instance, You can do the following.

  • Add a slice of cheese to your omelet
  • Eat creamy sauces and veggies as sides with the main food
  • Add cream to your coffee
  • Prefer shakes and smoothies over juices
  • Eat the dessert of your choice once or twice a week
  • Make more combos of food according to your taste

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