Travel Tips: Prevent Your Car From Being Stolen with Tracker

Travel Tips: The rate at which cars are stolen every other time is truly alarming. It’s no good news to people planning to purchase or recently bought one. Fortunately, technological advancements have brought vehicle trackers, which are considerable systems preventing vehicles from being stolen.

These solutions provide real-time data regarding the location, driving habits, routes taken, and anything else that heightens the risks of getting your car stolen. 

Yes, the trackers don’t directly protect your car against theft, but it’s possible to lower the possibilities of theft if you have actual data for the fleet every time. 

If you still doubt how a vehicle tracker can prevent your car from being stolen, you’ll learn various ways in this article and eventually invest in one. 

Vehicle Trackers Come Equipped with Remote Immobilization Functionality 

Most advanced tracker systems for vehicles, especially the ones provided by leading brands, have an immobilization feature. This feature allows for the remote disabling of your car engine in the event of theft.  

Only after the vehicle receives the correct authorization code can it move. Most notably, even the right key cannot start the system again until the right code is authorized. Following this, anyone intending to steal the car cannot start the engine, let alone drive it away. 

Besides preventing the car from being stolen, an immobilizer minimizes the potential damage to the car as it is simply inaccessible. Between 1995 and 2008, when vehicle immobilizers started gaining traction, they reduced car thefts by 40%, a rate which has since continued to increase. 

Vehicle Trackers Allow for Geo-Fencing and Alerts 

Geofencing is the creation of a virtual location boundary using RFID or GPS technology, typically to get alerts when your automobile enters or leaves a certain place.  

So, if the car enters an area you do not want, you’ll usually get an alert on the computer, enabling you to redirect or offer guidelines to the driver. That way, your fleet will unlikely ever get exposed to theft. 

Vehicle Trackers Facilitate Real-Time Tracking of Vehicles 

Let’s face it: one of the basic ways to prevent your car from being stolen is to be aware of its location and condition every time. Is it the authorized driver driving it? Is the driver following the right route? How is the compliance with the overall fleet security? What about the response time during emergencies? If you can access such details in real-time, there is no doubt you will know when the driver or the vehicle is at risk of theft and take saving action.  

Pairing your fleet vehicles with these trackers allows for accurate and real-time updates whenever it’s likely for a vehicle to be stolen or break down on the road. What’s better, a company can easily track a car using the monitored information, even if a car is already stolen, and then send the details to the relevant authority to help recover the car. 

Vehicle Trackers Issue Tamper Notifications 

Tracker technologies can be interfered with like any other technology from the office or the vehicle itself. However, interference in the vehicle can be more common as the security could be less tight than in the office. It involves disconnecting the system from the power source or just removing it entirely. In turn, the monitoring is discontinued, increasing the probability of your vehicle being stolen. 

The good thing, however, is that modern vehicle trackers are designed with tampering probabilities in mind. If a thief tries to interfere with the system, you get an instant notification on your smartphone or designated contacts. Honestly, at this point, you can take legal action and protect your fleet. 

 What’s better is that vehicle tracker systems offer customizable notification alerts for various events. You learn when the driver is at excessive speed, the battery is failing, or when a car is ignited on/ off. These notifications update your car’s status, enhancing your ability to respond promptly to potential theft. 

Vehicle Trackers Help in Storing Relevant Data 

Tracking a vehicle must go hand in hand with a suitable data storing means for effective results. It would be a waste of time and resources if you can’t access the tracking data in the future because it is crucial for organizational decisions besides helping find a solution against theft. In addition, it is required by law enforcement for investigations following a stolen vehicle. 

 Furthermore, an insurer is more likely to compensate losses from thefts after proving to them that the car was stolen. Unlike many operations in organizations that may require manual data recording, this is not the case with vehicle trackers. The data is stored automatically in the systems as the monitoring is ongoing. There’s no instance in which you can miss the required information. 

Vehicle Trackers Eases Fleet Management 

The thieves would be mostly outsiders, but in other cases, your drivers are involved in activities like stealing fuel and other minor components in the car. While these are potential red flags, they often go unnoticed, especially if you’ve not invested in a tracking system. In turn, fleet managers have difficulty balancing the math between fuel consumption, distance traveled, and the reported speed.  

Assuming you have many drivers with this habit, can you imagine the losses you can incur, plus the possibility of actually stealing the car? 

Nonetheless, with vehicle trackers, you monitor every action, good or bad, done by the drivers, including speed, fuel transparency, etc. Additionally, the dashcams installed in vehicles record videos so you can see if a driver carries minor components in the car. 

Final Thoughts for Traveling

Car theft is a common threat facing many companies every other time. The shocking thing is that most cars are stolen in broad daylight and public places, driveways, or parking. So, the best bet remains to monitor your fleet at every step, and fortunately, this has been made possible by vehicle trackers, as you’ve read above. 

Car theft is a common threat facing many companies every other time. The shocking thing is that most cars are stolen in broad daylight and public places, driveways, or parking. So, the best bet remains to monitor your fleet at every step, and fortunately, this has been made possible by vehicle trackers, as you’ve read above. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late – leverage the advanced technology vehicle tracking provides to keep your car safe and secure. 

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