Introducing Your Child to the World of Electric Moto with HYPER GOGO

Since ancient times, when riders of the road ruled over their fiefdoms, the vibration of the motorcycle engine has been whispering the calling of adventure to innumerable souls throughout the generations. Today, the young ones who have missed the adrenaline shots from two wheels can relive the magic with the silent revolution—electric motorbikes.

Pioneering the Future of Electric Riding for Kids

On the surface, there may be nothing different about HYPER GOGO from any other kid’s motorcycle brand, but the truth is that it is not just another kid’s ride-on brand. We’re excited about fire-up exploration for all and equipping the future with electric motorcycles as a fun alternative to green commuting. Wearing our harnesses, strapping into our seats, and listening to safety instructions, we take off for an adventure unlike any other.

Introducing the Hyper Gogo Cruiser 12 Plus

It is the Hyper Gogo 12 Plus of the Cruiser 12, and its activities are beyond toys; they are your gateway to endless adventures. This bike sports a clean, classic design inspired by old air-cooled motorcycles, bringing all that sense of freedom and adventure close to everyone’s heart.

Unveiling the Cruiser 12 Plus

Power and Performance

24V, 160W motor: Gives the necessary power at speeds of up to 10 MPH to allow the motorist a great experience.

Long-lasting battery: Offer a 60-minute unstoppable riding time range of 7.5 miles. This way, your child can explore even further.

Safety Features

Three adjustable speed levels allow you to set speed limits based on what suits your child best as he learns to ride confidently.

Reliable rear hub brake: This reduces braking miles per gallon, and drivers can rest assured of a safe and comfortable ride.

Durable steel frame: Born to travel and resist everything from road hazards to a golfer’s “rake traps.”

Fun and Functionality

Customizable design: The Cruiser 12 Plus comes in 8 different colors, which lets you customize it with gear (sold separately) like fenders and motorcycle bags for your child to assert their unique style.

Headlights and taillights: increase visibility and create the impression of being on the road while bicycling. The development of immersive technologies, such as virtual and augmented reality, has opened new avenues for cognitive learning and exploration.

A built-in music player: This instills a child the joy of listening to their favorite tracks as he explores new roads.

Adjustable handlebars: An outstanding feature is that they will allow your child to grow and ride comfortably for years.

Beyond the Ride: The love and joy of riding a motorcycle can benefit your child’s physical and mental development.

While the fun factor is undeniable, electric motorcycles offer many benefits beyond the ride’s thrill. 

Environmentally friendly: Unlike gas-powered alternatives, electric motorbikes are inventing themselves by producing zero emissions for a healthier planet for our children as part of future generations.  

Quiet operation: These cars don’t make any sound. Hence, your little one can enjoy their time of exploration without annoying the neighbours.

Early development: Using an electric moto bike as a means of transportation will aid children in becoming more agile and well-coordinated while maintaining their balance and spatial orientation in a safe and secure place.

Boosts confidence: Acquiring a new skill related to motorbikes creates self-confidence and a sense of worth in the kids.

Family bonding: Electric scooters have developed the best tool for families to spend quality time together. Rotate through your turns riding the bike, discover new places together, and everlasting memories will be on your back!


As caretakers of our children, we sincerely wish to offer them participation in an adventure that spurs the imagination, leads to exploration, and teaches an appreciation for the environment. The HYPER GOGO’s electric motorbikes are environmentally friendly in terms of fuel usage but enable you to maneuver easily through city traffic.

The Hyper Gogo Cruiser 12 Plus is much more than a toy. It is a gateway to the unknown world, allowing one to develop a curiosity for exploration. Furthermore, it helps to make unforgettable memories that will create bonds with your family and friends that will last a lifetime. Brace for excitement as we bring the peaceful rally to electric kid motorbikes by championing its revolution with HYPER GOGO!

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