Convenience Matters: The Freedom of Paddleboard Ownership

Ever find yourself at the mercy of rental shop hours, eagerly awaiting your turn to hit the water on a borrowed paddleboard? We’ve all been there. But what if I told you there’s a way to break free from those constraints and embrace the true essence of paddleboarding? Today, let’s explore the liberating world of owning your paddleboard and the unparalleled convenience and freedom it brings to your water adventures.

The Spontaneity Advantage

Say Goodbye to Rental Shop Hours

Bid farewell to the ticking clock of rental shop hours. Owning a paddleboard means you’re no longer confined by schedules – no more rushing to return your board before closing time. The freedom to paddle on your own terms transforms your water experience from a timed session to a spontaneous adventure. So, toss aside the watch and paddle on your schedule!

Impromptu Adventures

Picture this: a beautiful, sunny afternoon, and the water beckons. With your own paddleboard, there’s no need for pre-planning or reservations. Feel the urge to explore a new waterway? Go for it. Owning a paddleboard turns every day into an opportunity for an impromptu paddling escapade, adding a touch of excitement to your routine. Click here to read a blog on the best places to go with your new paddle board.

Storage Solutions

Your Paddleboard, Your Space

Say goodbye to the logistics of transporting your board from a rental shop. Owning a paddleboard means it resides in the comfort of your own space, ready for action whenever the mood strikes. No more worrying about shop closing times or the logistics of picking up and returning. Your board is at home – just like it should be.

Easy Transportation

For those on the move, inflatable paddleboards are a game-changer. Deflate, roll up, and you’re ready to hit the road. Whether you’re loading it into the trunk of your car, strapping it to your bike, or taking it on public transport, the portability of inflatable boards makes transportation a breeze. Convenience, meet portability.

Cost-Effective Aspects

Long-Term Savings

Let’s talk money. Investing in your paddleboard might seem like a splurge initially, but it’s a smart move for your wallet in the long run. Compare the cost of owning to the recurring fees of rentals, and you’ll find that your board pays for itself over time. Consider it an investment in your well-being and happiness.

Getting on a Paddleboard for the First Time

You’ll be excited to hit the water and enjoy your paddleboard for the first time. But, you’ll need to tame this enthusiasm when you first get onto your board. In particular, you need to find your feet and ensure you’re stable enough to get going. So, it all starts with having the right technique for getting onto your paddleboard. Here are some tips that can help you in the beginning.

Choose Shallow Water

You want to start where the water is shallow. This makes it much easier to get on the board for the first time. In addition, there should be calm water around this area, which means you’re not fighting against its movement. Bring your paddle and board in with you, positioning it parallel to the shore.

Pull Yourself On

Stand at the side of the board and use your arms to pull yourself onto the board. The shallower the water, the easier this is going to be. Use the handles where necessary and manoeuvre yourself on. Some people like to lay flat to begin with, or you can go straight to the next step.

Kneel On the Board

The best position to begin with is kneeling on the board. This can help you get used to being on it and allows you to take a minute to build confidence and get ready to stand up. Start moving your paddle and get used to how it feels on the water. You want to centre your weight and stay positioned over the handle.

Standing Up

Now, it’s moving onto the biggest part. It’s time to stand up. A lot of people get nervous at this step and feel vulnerable. But, with the right technique, you’re going to feel stable and ensure you don’t fall in.

Put your hands forward on the board and this can help you balance as you stand up. Put your feet where your knees were, being brave and doing this in a swift movement. Going too slow can mean losing your balance. But, going too fast can also do the same thing. Try to do it confidently and get your paddle board in the water to keep yourself moving.

Keeping your knees slightly bent when you’re standing can help you avoid wobbling. Always look forward to know where you’re going and to feel more secure. Keep moving your paddle so that you can build up the momentum.


In the world of paddleboarding, convenience isn’t just a perk – it’s a game-changer. The freedom to paddle when and where you want, the ability to customise your experience, and the cost-effective nature of ownership make it a lifestyle choice worth considering. As you weigh the options between rental queues and the liberating embrace of owning your own board, remember that convenience matters, and the water awaits.

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