Popularity of Eyelashes Boxes in the Cosmetic Industry

As we know makeup products are the main assets in cosmetic products. There are different types of makeup products for both men and women. But mostly there is a vast variety of women’s makeup products. One of the most demanding and popular makeup products among women is Eyelash products. Today we are going to discuss the importance and the uses of eyelash products and their eyelash packaging in the makeup and cosmetic industry.

However, eyelashes are the first and foremost line of defense for your eyes. They protect your eyes from dust, lint, and other debris approaching your sensitive eye tissues. Even though they also play a main role in enhancing the beauty of a person. Therefore many cosmetic brands are providing artificial eyelashes in different sorts, styles, and designs. These artificial eyelashes are not only for beauty purposes but also to protect your natural eyelashes from any damage. There are many designs of these eyelashes available easily in different sizes in eyelash boxes in the market at different prices. These artificial eyelashes are mostly used for makeup purposes. However, you can wear them on any special occasion, at any wedding or if you are going to a party. These eyelashes give your personality a classy and attractive look.

Safety of Eyelashes

These artificial eyelashes are highly sensitive and can get damaged easily, therefore many cosmetic companies use eyelash box to keep their product safe and sound. The eyelash boxes protect them as well during the shipping process. The boxes are made up of Kraft and Cardboard materials which are very sturdy in structure, thus they observe any pressure easily and keep your product safe in it. Also, they are properly sealed, so there is no chance of any inner damage. Besides you can also use secondary Cardboard Carton Packaging in which a large number of eyelash boxes can place and safely delivered to the customer. The use of these boxes to protect your sensitive product is very essential.

Promotion of Your Eyelashes and Your Brand with These Boxes

When you buy a specific box for your eyelash then it is obvious that you have to mention or display your brand name and logo on this box. There are many advantages of placing and representing a unique, attractive, and stylish logo on these eyelash packaging for both you and the customer. Firstly as it is stated in a social survey that a customer grabs products if he finds them attractive. Thus you have to choose a perfect and graceful design that customers can find attractive. And once customers can attract to your brand, the second thing that matters is taglines. Your box must have the taglines and some information about your product. So if the customer has some queries, this information can solve them instantly and he buys them without any hesitation.

On the other hand, once the customer successfully buys your eyelashes and gets satisfied results by it. Then she always prefers your brand whenever she has to buy a pair of eyelashes as she remembers the logo or brand name you have on these boxes. Besides a good customer can also sign up for a membership in the brand. Good customers also prefer your products to their loved ones, family, and friends. This can automatically promote your business in such a simple way.

Customisation in the Eyelash Boxes

There are many attractive types of eyelash boxes it is very hard to decide and choose for your specific eyelash product. Therefore box manufacturers have the priority that they can guide and show you the most attractive designs they have. You have to choose wisely according to your product.  Most of the box manufacturers provide the facility of customisation in these boxes, so you can easily create your eyelash packaging UK. Some of the customisation options are:

  • You can choose any color of the box packaging for your product.
  • Can choose any of the specific designs accordingly to your product.
  • You can also add taglines and basic information about your eyelashes on or into the boxes.
  • Allows you to choose and give them a specific company logo of yours on these boxes.
  • Gives the option of Secondary packaging or extra coating.
  • Add one’s options, you can add ribbons, artificial flowers, glitters, and other ornaments to these boxes.
  • Extra laminations or eco-friendly plastic coating on the boxes.
  • Try to make a box according to your needs.
  • Proper fitting of product into the box.

As we have discussed above there are many different types of eyelash packaging boxes. They all use eco-friendly materials in them therefore these types of boxes are environmentally friendly. They are also recyclable and decompose automatically after some time. Some of the most common types and shapes used in keeping and displaying eyelashes are:

Window or Die-Cut Eyelashes Boxes

There is the most common and attractive type of eyelash packaging. As the name is obvious there is a window on the top or front of the boxes through which we can easily see the eyelash placed in it. A customer is very curious about the eyelash (like if it is ok or not, what if I got a damaged eyelash) before buying. Therefore this window or die-cut box packaging is the best option for the removal of their curiosity. They can easily see their eyelashes placed perfectly in these cosmetic boxes, making them at ease. So they can easily buy them without any hesitation. However, departmental and cosmetic store’s persons also prefer to buy eyelashes with window boxes. As they know the importance of these boxes.

Rigid Eyelash Boxes

If you are looking for luxurious eyelash box packaging then these rigid boxes would be a good option. These boxes are very famous because of their unique design and classy look. These boxes have a closing tip on the top of the box and a container. The eyelashes can keep safely in the container of these boxes and they easily sealed the box by sliding the closing tip downwards the containers. These boxes use Kraft material in their manufacturing.

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