Key Benefits of Soft Tissue Mobilization Therapy That You Should Know

You have soft tissues around your organs and bones. These tissues include your muscles, ligaments, cartilage, blood vessels, fat, skin, nerves, tendons, fascia and other membranes. Soft tissue mobilization at Northwest Physical Therapy treats damage to these areas by relaxing muscles, stretching and lengthening fascia and reducing scar tissue and pain, improving range of motion and skeletal misalignments that result from injuries. These are the benefits of this soft tissue mobilization.

Boosting Your Recovery Speed

Soft tissue therapies improve blood flow to areas in your body that you injured. This blood flow brings valuable oxygen and nutrients that encourage faster healing. They also improve mobility in injured areas. This improved circulation also treats the micro-injuries and any other trauma your body suffered during your injury. As your blood flow increases, so does your lymphatic drainage, so your body can get rid of toxins much faster.  

Reducing Pain

One of the most important benefits you can find in the soft tissue mobilization services offered at Totem Lake Physical Therapy, includes pain reduction. This is especially important because when you are in pain, you tend to avoid movements that trigger that pain. However, when you receive an injury, you often need to move the areas where the injury occurred to strengthen those muscles and other soft tissues. This increases your healing and prevents future injuries.

Trigger-point therapies also treat pain because they remove knots in your muscles. These knots impact the balance of your muscles and cause pain.

Greater Flexibility

When you injure your body, your muscles can grow tight, restricting your range of motion and flexibility. However, soft tissue therapists have techniques that relax your muscles. They also address fascia tension. These treatments improve your pain levels as well. These techniques may include trigger point and massage therapies in addition to stretching and contracting exercises.

When you feel less pain and your muscles and fascia relax, you can actually gain a greater range of motion. This gives you improved flexibility. Your joints will feel better lubricated and more in control.

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Getting Better Sleep

Deep tissue massages and neuromuscular treatments release happy chemicals in your brain. These endorphins can help you release stress, reduce pain and relax your body. This can help you clear your mind and sleep more soundly. As you sleep, your body is better able to heal itself.

How To Pick the Right PT for You

To get the results you want, you need a highly qualified, reputable physical therapist. Therefore, start by asking your doctors, friends and family members for referrals. Then, check the credentials of the therapists that interest you. Ask about their licenses, education and certifications as well as any recent coursework they completed. Find someone who specializes in soft tissue treatments.

Your therapist should have strong manual skills and assign exercises for you to complete at home. Look for someone you can work well with because you should develop a somewhat personal connection during your therapy. This will make it easier to share what you need and how your body feels.

As you look for physical therapy Mount Vernon WA, clarify exactly what you need, but remain open to the therapist’s evaluation and suggestions. Learn about all the ways your therapist can help you.

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