6 Unique Tea-Based Cocktails to Serve at Winter Parties

Meetings, festivals with loved ones, and meaningful moments spent together are common themes in winter parties. Enhance your winter get-togethers with a distinctive twist by featuring beverages inspired by tea on the menu. The diverse flavors and enticing aromas of tea can elevate conventional drinks into unique and unforgettable blends. These drinks are easy to make, since you can also get readymade liquors for these beverages from the Commercial Display Fridge. Today we will discover six extraordinary tea-infused cocktails designed to add an elegant flair to your celebrations. Whether you prefer classic pairings or modern creations, these tea-infused treats are sure to make your event a resounding triumph.

Earl Grey Elixir Bliss:

Our first drink is inspired by the hugely popular Earl Grey tea. Earl Grey’s unmistakable lemongrass smell combines smoothly with the rich warmth of whiskey, resulting in a mixture that provides both relaxation and renewal. To begin, steep 5 minutes in boiling water using Earl Grey tea bags. After that, in a shaker, add the cooled tea, whiskey, honey, and a splash of fresh lemon juice. Shake vigorously with ice, then serve into a glass and top with a twisted lemon peel.

Chai Spice Sparkler:

Make a large quantity of chai tea and chill it fully in the refrigerator. When it’s time to enjoy, fill flute glasses with the chilled tea and finish with a splash of sparkling champagne. Finish with a cinnamon garnish for added warmth. The Chai Spice Sparkler creates an ideal blend of warming spices and festive fizz, making it the ideal winter toast.

Matcha Mint Marvel:

For a vivid, refreshing tea cocktail, look no further than our Matcha Mint Marvel. This jade-green marvel unites matcha green tea’s earthy notes with mint’s cooling freshness. To create it, whisk matcha powder with hot water until frothy, then let cool. Combine the matcha mixture, vodka, simple syrup, and a handful of fresh mint in a shaker. Shake well before straining into a glass over ice and garnishing with mint.

Hibiscus Hot Toddy Twist:

Put a floral, fruity spin on the classic Hot Toddy with our fourth drink, the cheerful Hibiscus Hot Toddy Twist. Vibrant hibiscus tea stars here, lending its bright tartness and stunning carmine color. First, brew hibiscus tea sweetened with honey. Then, splash in spiced rum and fresh orange juice. Stir thoroughly and dress your glass with orange slices or cinnamon sticks. This Hibiscus Hot Toddy Twist is a revitalizing departure from traditional toddies, infusing cozy warmth with a burst of fruity verve.

Green Tea Ginger Zing:

Start your party with our punchy Green Tea Ginger Zing. This spirited cocktail gives off green tea’s health-giving goodness and ginger’s fiery zest. Start by cooling freshly brewed green tea. Next, muddle ginger slices before adding green tea, vodka and elderflower liqueur to your shaker. Shake vigorously, double strain into ice-filled glasses, and garnish with cucumber. The Green Tea Ginger Zing promises a bracing, mood-boosting drink to help dismiss the winter chills.

Rooibos Orange Delight:

Our final suggestion, the Rooibos Orange Delight, artfully blends rooibos tea’s mellow sweetness with bright citrus. First, brew a strong batch of Red rooibos tea and chill. Then, stir together chilled rooibos tea, bourbon, orange liqueur and aromatic bitters in a mixing glass. Strain into an ice-filled glass and decorate with an orange twist. Visually spectacular and perfectly balanced, the Rooibos Orange Delight gracefully matches winter warmth with zesty, sunshine-filled flavors.


Elevate your winter gatherings by serving these six unique tea-based cocktails, each deliciously crafted to balance tastes and aromas. Whether you choose the enduring Earl Grey Elixir Bliss or the lively Matcha Mint Marvel, these inspiring infusions will leave your guests thrilled and ensure your celebrations are joyously memorable. Here’s to a winter filled with heartwarming festivities made even brighter by the delightful flavors of tea cocktails.

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